1. What is PartyGrill?
PartyGrill is an indoor electric grill used to have interactive culinary experiences with family and friends. This versatile grill provides you with the ability to grill meat and veggies and most importantly, melt your favorite cheeses.
2. Is PartyGrill microwave safe?
No, PartyGrill is not microwave safe and should never be used in the microwave.
3. Is it OK to put the PartyGrill in the dishwasher?
The base unit and electrical part of the PartyGrill should never be submerged in water or put into the dishwasher. To properly clean the grill follow these easy steps; unplugged the unit and let is cool off completely, wipe it down with a damp cloth, remove the grill tops and soak them in hot soapy water / hand wash. The melting tray pans and cheese scrappers are dishwasher safe.
4. What are the grill tops made of?
The grill tops are made of cast aluminum. Aluminum is the most common found metal in the environment and used for a large array of modern cooking appliances. They have a special non stick coating to prevent your meats and veggies from sticking to the grill during use. 
5. I noticed my new Partygrill emitted a small amount of smoke upon the first use, is this normal?
Yes, upon using PartyGrill for the first time you will notice this happens. The smoke is very minor and odorless. When plugging PartyGrill in for the first time, please allow this process to happen. It is not harmful and will not happen again after the first usage. 
6. What are the electrical specifications of the PartyGrill?
PartyGrill is a 120 v/1200 watt grill. The cord length is short for safety reasons. We recommend for easy and safe home use that you use PartyGrill with an extension cord in order to position the grill in the center of the table.
7. How long does it take to heat up and cook my food?
One you are ready to kick off the party, apply a little oil to the grill tops, plug in PartyGrill and turn the heat dial to full blast. Let PartyGrill preheat about 8-10 minutes. Once ready, being placing your food on the grill top and cook to perfection.

8. What parts of the grill heat up?
PartyGrill is an appliance for cooking food and should be handled with caution as some of the components get very hot. The coils inside the grill will heat up in order for the grill tops to serve as a cooking surface and at the same time, provide a broil functionality to melt your cheese. When cooking with PartyGrill, your melt tray pans will heat up as well. Once the grill is in use, do not touch the metal parts of the grill tray pans, and use only the protective ends to handle the trays while cooking. 
9. How many people can use the PartyGrill at once?
PartyGrill can provide entertainment for six to eight people at once. With that said, it is more comfortable for parties of four people. With four people, each person can use two melt pans at once for their meal so there is a continuous flow of cheese. In the case where you want to host a larger group, it is recommended to use two PartyGrills.  
10. Where can I view a full copy of the PartyGrill User Guide?
You will receive a copy of the PartyGrill user guide inside the box upon purchase. To access it online at any point, please download a copy here.


Congratulations on your purchase of the Party Grill® and welcome to the world of interactive culinary experiences! This unique and versatile grill gives you endless opportunites to Grill, Melt, Eat, and Repeat. Make sure to experiment with your recipes on the Party Grill!

There are few experiences that surpass sharing a meal with loved ones. Party Grill® provides a new option to host friends and family – and get creative while cooking food at the table together. While the reversible top surface is great for grilling meats, vegetables and even fruit, the bottom trays are ideal to melt cheese, or broil other types of food.

• Remove all packaging
• Wash the grill tops and non stick broil pans in hot water and wipe dry
• Place grill tops into place
• Place broil pans onto tray surface
• Plug electrical cord into power outlet
• Before using marinated foods, lightly oil or grease grill top
• Heat the grill on top heat for 8-10 minutes

Beef, chicken, lamb, shrimp – grill anything! Yes, you can also veggies. Asparagus, onions, peppers, scallions, muchrooms, tomatoes, and more! Cut meat and veggies into slices, bite size is preferable. Depending on the thickness, grill for approximately 2-4 minutes, flipping sides as needed. For larger pieces of meat or bigger cuts of vegatables, grill for longer periods of time – until it is cooked to your liking. For potatoes, boil separately.

If you are looking to melt cheese, the Party Grill is the tool for you! Try an assortment of different cheeses, using your broil trays to achieve the right level of meltiness. Experiment with different cheeses, such as: Gruyere, Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Raclette, Brie, Colby, Monterey Jack and more! When using cheese, slice it to fit the size of the broil tray, or use the large side of your cheese shredder. When melting cheese, you will get the best results using cheese with a high fat content.

Once you have grilled meats, veggies, potatoes, and poured your melted cheese all over – what’s next? Sauces! The best way to customize your experience with each serving is by by adding some sauce. Consider purchasing sauces from the store in alignment with your recipe. Consider additions like chimichurri, au poivre, café de paris, steak sauce, hot sauce or teriyaki. Check out the sauce aisle at your local grocery store!

Have you ever grilled fruit? If not, it’s a must try! Grilling caremelizes the fruit and unlocks its natural juices. Try grilling slices of pinapple, peach, mago, strawberries, or other fruit. Scoop into a bowl, paired with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Discover the endless possibilities!

• 1 base unit with variable heat control
• 2 reversible grill tops
• 8 broiling trays/non stick pans
• 8 plastic scrapers

• Unplug before cleaning
• Allow appliance to cool off, wipe with damp cloth – Do not immerse in water
• Wash grill plates and broil pans in warm water with mild detergent
• Do not use steel wool, wire brush or abraisive cleaners. If necessary, leave to soak

• Basic appliance for electrical outlet: 120V / 60H / 1200W
• Reversible cast aluminum nonstick grill plate
• Variable heat temperature

WARNING (see warranty)
This product is designed for domestic use. Ensure that the grill tops are properly resting on the unit’s supporting stands prior to use. Do not operate the appliance with a damaged cord or plug. In case of malfunction, immediately disconnect the cord from the electrical outlet and return the appliance for examination, repair or replacement. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself.

• Read all instructions and follow all safety instructions; Blueprint BD LLC accepts no liability for damage or injury caused by non conformance to the PG100 user manual
• Keep appliance and electrical cord out of the reach of children
• Always switch appliance off before unplugging from electrical power outlet
• Unplug unit from wall when not in use and for cleaning
• Allow appliance to cool before removing grill plates
• Keep electrical cord away from other sources of heat
• Do not immerse appliance or cord in water or other liquids
• Do not touch hot surfaces; use handles or knobs to move appliance once it has cooled down
• Never carry the appliance while still hot; use caution when moving appliance
• When placing the broiling trays/non stick pans in the appliance, make sure the handles are pointing away from the unit
• Do not use appliance for anything except for intended use
• Do not place unit near gas, electric burner or in a heated oven
• Make sure the unit is connected to properly grounded power
• Do not flip or remove the grill tops until they have completely cooled down
• Never leave the appliance unattended during use
• Never use the appliance outdoors.
• Make sure that the appliance and the power cable never come into contact with hot devices such as hotplate or naked flame
• Do not allow the power cable to hang down over the edge of the sink, worktop or table.
• Make sure your hands are dry when you touch the appliance, the power cable or the plug.
• Make sure that the appliance has sufficient clearance on all sides when operating
• Do not use a steel wool to clean the appliance. Fragments of metal could come loose and touch the appliance’s electrical parts causing it to short circuit.
• Never switch the appliance off by pulling the cable
• The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is in use

This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the United States. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.

Blueprint BD LLC (Company) provides a 2 (two) year warranty from the date of purchase of the appliance against defects, which originated by the manufacturer and/or faulty materials. Note the following warranty information:
1. Within the warranty period, no costs will be charged for wages and material costs. Repairs carried out under warranty, will not extend the warranty period
2. Defective appliances or parts will automatically become property of the Company
3. Every claim for warranty will have to be accompanied by a proof of purchase
4. Claims for warranty can only be honored by the Company
5. Warranty is transferable with proof of purchase
6. Warranty is not valid, for damage caused by
• Accidents, misuse, wear and tear, or neglect
• Wrongful installation, and/or use in a irresponsible way
• Connection to another voltage than indicated in this guide
• Unauthorised modifications
• Unauthorised repairs
• Improper packaging of the returned goods
7. This warranty does not give a right to claim damages other than replacement or repair of defective parts
8. The Company reserves the right to decline warranty coverage as appropriate

In order to register your Party Grill, please send an email to support@partygrill.com, along with the following information:

Model: PG100

Date of Purchase
Proof of Purchase as an attachment

Or mail in the above form duly completed to

Blueprint BD LLC
c/o Party Grill USA
400 East 58th Street, Suite 14B
New York, NY 10022