What is Party Grill?

Party Grill is an indoor electric grill used to have interactive culinary experiences with family and friends. This versatile grill provides you with the ability to grill meat and veggies and most importantly, melt your favorite cheeses.

What are the grill top parts made of?  

The grill tops are made of cast aluminum and they are covered with a non stick coating, to make sure your meat & veggies won’t stick to the grill while cooking. This way you can save up on excess oil, eat with ease and clean in a breeze!

What are the electrical specifications of the Party Grill?

Party Grill is a 120V / 60Hz / 1200W grill. The cord length is short for safety reasons, we recommend for easy and safe home use that you use Party Grill with an extension cord in order to position the grill in the center of the table.

How long does it take to heat up and cook my food?

Once you are ready to kick off the party, and want to cook some delicious meat & veggies on your Party Grill, plug it in and place a bit of oil on the grill tops. Turn on your heat-dial-button on to FULL and let the Party Grill heat for 8-10 minutes. Once it’s all nice and hot your grill is ready to be used! Cooking time varies based on the ingredients you place on it, as well as the way you like your meat cooked (raw, medium, well done, etc.).

What should I know for grilling safely?

Party Grill is a cooking appliance and should be handled with caution as some of the components get very hot. Once the grill is in use, do not touch the metal parts of the grill tray pans, use only the protective ends to handle the trays while cooking.

How should I clean my Party Grill? Are the parts dishwasher safe?

To properly clean the grill follow these four easy steps:

    1. Unplug the unit and let is cool off completely
    1. Wipe it down with a damp cloth (Do not immerse the grill in water!)
    1. Remove the grill tops, soak them in hot soapy water and hand wash (Do not use steel wool, wire brush or abrasive cleaners)
  1. Wash the melting tray pans and cheese scrappers (Both are dishwasher safe)

And that’s it! Your Party Grill is clean and ready for the next use.

How many people can use the Party Grill at once?

Being the center of the party table, the Party Grill  can provide entertainment for six to eight people at the same time! With each person moving around their selected piece of meat, checking their veggies, or poring their favoring sauce to the heating trays! However, if you want to get the most out of your Party Grill we recommend having a dinner party of four! Each person out of the four sitting around the Party Grill will have a sufficient space for heating their meat on the top grill, as well as 2 trays to melt cheese, make a sauce, or cook their veggies! If you know you’re going to be hosting larger parties, there is a simple solution… Two Party Grills will make the party even better!

What are the dimensions and weight?

The Party Grill dimensions are: 4.5” L x 3.5” W x 17.5” H, and weight 9 pounds!

What’s the warranty and return policy for the grill?

We provide a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase of the appliance against defects, which originated by the manufacturer and/or faulty materials. We also provide a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of the delivery of your initial order, we’ll refund your money. More about the warranty and return policy can be found in the user guide manual and return policy page.

Can I control the temperature of the grill?

Yes, PartyGrill comes with a heat control in the unit, giving you more power over the temperature of the grill and making sure that everything will be cooked perfectly!

What’s included in the package?  

Every Party Grill comes with everything that you need to start the party, just bring the food, call your friends and start grilling! The package contains the following items:

    • 1 Base Unit With Variable Heat Control
    • 2 Reversible Grill Tops
    • 8 Broiling Trays/Non Stick Pans
    • 8 Plastic Scrapers
  • 1 User Guide Manual

Where can I find  a full copy of the Party Grill User Guide?

Inside the Party Grill box there’s a user guide waiting just for you! However, if you lost your user guide or misplaced it you can click here and download a copy of it right away!

WARRANTY Questions

Blueprint BD LLC (Company) provides a 2 (two) year warranty from the date of purchase of the appliance against defects, which originated by the manufacturer and/or faulty materials. Note the following warranty information:
1. Within the warranty period, no costs will be charged for wages and material costs. Repairs carried out under warranty, will not extend the warranty period
2. Defective appliances or parts will automatically become property of the Company
3. Every claim for warranty will have to be accompanied by a proof of purchase
4. Claims for warranty can only be honored by the Company
5. Warranty is transferable with proof of purchase
6. Warranty is not valid, for damage caused by
• Accidents, misuse, wear and tear, or neglect
• Wrongful installation, and/or use in a irresponsible way
• Connection to another voltage than indicated in this guide
• Unauthorised modifications
• Unauthorised repairs
• Improper packaging of the returned goods
7. This warranty does not give a right to claim damages other than replacement or repair of defective parts
8. The Company reserves the right to decline warranty coverage as appropriate

In order to register your Party Grill, please send an email to support@partygrill.com, along with the following information:

Model: PG100

Date of Purchase
Proof of Purchase as an attachment

Or mail in the above form duly completed to

Blueprint BD LLC
c/o Party Grill USA
400 East 58th Street, Suite 14B
New York, NY 10022

** These are the questions we get asked the most! Have a question and can’t find the answer here? Contact us today at partygrillemail@email.com and we’d be happy to reply to any question or inquiry!

Happy Grilling!

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