The key to flavorful food doesn’t always have to be seasoning. Dipping and marinating sauces are easy ways to elevate each bite of food you prepare on your PartyGrill. A sauce can contain the flavors of a culture. Take plain grilled chicken for example; when you dip it in to your BBQ sauce you can transport yourself to that backyard barbecue or if you marinate it in Teriyaki you have an Asian fusion dinner that you are proud to serve. Sauces give your food life. Within each, a burst of flavors suitable for any palate.  PartyGrill is about variety and options so here are some sauces to dress up your meal and keep your taste buds on their toes. Remember these sauces can be store bought, or you can try your hand at self-made marinades.

1. Chimichurri– a popular sauce in Central and South America. It is best used for grilled meat. It is jam packed with herbs to give a tangy and sometimes spicy kick. Try green or red variations over your chicken or steak.

2. Cognac cracked peppercorn– this peppery and creamy sauce is perfect over red meat. Pair it with some potatoes and steak and enjoy the warm notes on a colder night.

3. Red wine reduction– this simple sauce is easier to make than you may think! Herb forward with red-wine base, this sauce is perfect for your Italian dishes and ideal for dipping your steak into.

4. Steak sauce– Store bought is the way to go! Often made with a balsamic, mustard, Worcestershire, and pepper base- create steak-house sliders, dip your tenderloin or even drizzle over your steak and eggs brunch.

5. Caribbean Sauce- You can make anything from Jamaican Jerk sauce, whose spice pairs well with chicken, or create a more zesty acidic sauce to pour over your fish or shrimp. A diverse sauce with a million recipes, try your hand at them all or provide a selection for your guests!

6. Teriyaki- When we see teriyaki we think stir-fry. Accomplished as a marinade but can also but set aside as a dipping sauce for your vegetables and chicken.

7. Hot Sauce / Buffalo- The buttery texture of this spicy sauce is an essential at any game day party. When added to our melted blue cheese, you can put this sauce on pretty much anything. Hot sauce is a house essential and a PartyGrill must have.

Remember that sauce allows you to put character into your food. Whether you want to marinade and get those flavors into your meat and vegetables or if you want to simply serve them as dipping sauce sides for your party the key is to have options. Allow your guests to dress their meal and choose the spice that’s right for them.