Cheese comes in all sizes, shapes, and flavors but, we have one important question: does it melt?! There is something comforting and extra delicious about a melted piece of cheese and although all cheese is good cheese, some melt better than others. You don’t need a processed piece of cheese to achieve a melt over your food.  Allow PartyGrill to be your guide to all things ooey-gooey that are ideal for your grilling experience.

Meltable cheeses are usually higher in moisture content and have a smooth consistency. A cheese high in moisture and soft in texture tends to melt easier and at lower temperatures. If you haven’t heard of a cheeseburger made with Parmesan, this is why. A large part of the PartyGrill experience is picking cheeses that will melt easily and add to your dish. Let’s take a look at some of the usual and not-so-usual suspects…

1.Brie– French cheese with a nutty and sometimes tangy taste. It is soft and buttery and pairs beautiful with sweeter foods such as fruit. Leaving the rind on can add to melt time but is delicious with and without.

2.Gruyere– A Swiss cheese both mild and sharp depending on age. The more aged, the nuttier the taste. This is the perfect cheese for both salty and sweet. Try pairing it with ham or sweet fruits.

3.Blue Cheese– In general salty and sharp with a creamy and crumbly texture. The saltiness pairs great with proteins such as steak or burger. It also is a master companion with spicier foods- don’t forget to try it on your buffalo chicken!

4.Sharp White Cheddar– All you need to think about it the perfect grilled cheese and enough said. Easily melted and limitless in it’s pairing options. Try with green vegetables or cornichons!

5.Raclette- Perhaps the most ideal cheese we can suggest. This semi-hard cheese from Switzerland is moist and 50% fat so it melts with ease and perfection. Flavor is acidic nutty and sweet.  Try over your potatoes or meat.

6.Mozzarella– soft and milky with a stringy consistency. Keep in mind mozzarella melts slower in large pieces so shredding it may make it the perfect topping for that chicken parmesan

7.Pepper Jack– Semi-soft cheese for those who want that extra kick! Although initially spicy, it leaves a buttery taste. Try it on crackers, nachos or in your quesadilla.

8.Chaumes– A French cheese, creamy and soft. Its rich yet mild taste is perfect for vegetables, fruits or on top of your individual pizzas!

The only thing more beautiful than watching these cheeses melt to perfection will be watching them cascade over the food you have prepared.  Jump off this list or stick to our list of tried and true meltable cheeses and definitely don’t be afraid to ask your local cheese-guy.